Wholesale Increase Human Height Grow Tall Foot Reflexology GTD

B2B Opportunity for Growth Taller Device Height Increasing Shoes

Becoming an Exclusive Dealer, Wholesaler, Distributor or Retailer

Lucky Blues Inc envisions the continuing metamorphosis of naturally human height increasing shoes insole into the
healthy lifestyle, far from its humble beginnings as an insole to be worn while in the modern world. Each year we invent
to coordinate height increasing insole finding its place beside the Growth Taller Device. Today GTD is the only one can
find a host of natural grow tall insole market, which can made the big difference from other manufacturer or wholesaler.
Our key elements of the natural hidden height increase insole invention that will keep us continue to position ourselves
on the leading edge of successful phenomenon.
We have been invented and manufacture the quality convenience GTD - Growth Taller Device and foot massage insoles
to the better and specialty market for over nine years. Our variety of designs will contribute our growth taller device line
appealing to a wide palette of convenience of the Internet; our reputation in the height increasing insole market enables
the company to showcase the latest natural hidden height increasing insole production combine to use the varies in
styles from dressing, casual, walking well as sport footwear.

You will be pleased to know that our price is not only competitive for wholesaler, but also providing you the potential of
high gross margins.  If you become our B2B exclusive dealer or distributor, or you have any creative ideas of business
networking or marketing opportunity to benefit both side of business, we value your input and invite you to contact us at:
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Terms - Domestic
You will be called at time before shipping so that your can be prepare the amount of payment, all goods will be ship
after payment was clear. Money order, cashiers check and company check are welcome. Visa, MasterCard, Discover -
Submit your credit card, which will be charged at time of shipping, samples under same conditions. We request the
following information when the order is placed: name as it appears on the credit card, billing address, issuing bank,
card number, and expiration date.Accounts Receivable only for orders in excess of $5000. Requires submission of a
Lucky Blues Inc. credit application and current financial statements. Time period required for credit approval varies
depending oncredit information available, but normally takes 4-6 weeks. Order will process after approval. Invoices are
payable by business check, money order, cashier's check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). When using a
credit card to pay and invoice, a 3% re-billing fee will be incurred. Delinquent accounts will be assessed 1.5% per
month finance charge. At the beginning of each season, credit will be reviewed and may need to be re-established.

Terms - International
Prepay - You have the option to submit a certified cashier's check or money order in U.S. funds or wire transfer U.S.
directly to our bank. Please contact us for details. Visa, MasterCard, Discover - You may submit your credit card which
will be charged at time of shipping. We request the following information when the order is placed: name as it appears
on the credit card, billing address, issuing bank, card number, and expiration date. Any combination of styles, sizes and
colors desired, the minimum initial order for wholesale are 10 pairs complete order. There will be an $80.00 service
charge for any orders or additions accepted below the minimum subject to the approval.

We endeavor to completely fill all orders, Occasionally out of stock on certain items. We will place any such item on
backorder and ship it as soon as possible under advised. Note: Backorders are not charged to you until actually